Can.Ch. Monpaq Alaskan Skie

Kennel Monpaq is a family breeding Labradors retrievers chocolate, yellow and black registered at the Canadian Kennel Club.

Our breeding began in 2009 with purebred dogs registered at the Canadian Kennel Club. We respect the quality and the race. We love the Labradors for their temperament, their joviality and their love of life. They are dogs who like to work for humans. For us, our dogs are part of the family and bring us a lot of personal satisfaction. We are happy to share our lives with these big-hearted animals.


It's his versatility that makes Labrador such an endearing dog and such a good family friend. He adapts to all situations and knows how to demonstrate his abilities in multiple circumstances. For the children, he will be a loyal companion, faithful and understanding.


Thanks to its robustness, it does not fear bad weather or difficult situations. With its versatility, it can be a confirmed hunting dog, a rescue dog, research, screening or a pet dog. Labrador is a dog that has adapted to all situations and environments. It combines intelligence, physical strength, agility and a willingness to learn new things every day.

You can contact us at 450-258-0158.

We are domiciled in Mirabel.

Meetings by appointment only! Thank you!